Is lunch the new breakfast

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Monday, 20th September 2021 Weekly Briefing
Is lunch the new breakfast

It seems, not long ago, there was much talk about the discovery of breakfast as a new daypart – porridge at Pret, Wetherspoons serving cooked breakfast (and claiming to serve the most coffees in the UK). All it takes is one pandemic to throw that great new opportunity into disarray.

Pick up the pieces

Now we are left to pick up the pieces and rediscover, not just breakfast, but all dayparts. During covid, consumers have (or at least so far, appeared to have) changed their habits, perceptions and requirements to a degree that has not just upset, but overturned normal patterns of trading.


City centres, suburban high streets, railway stations and many more – are being forced to reconfigure themselves to a “new” type of customer. And, in passing, I would add that I hope there is going to be a “new” customer because otherwise a lot of redevelopment activity is going to have to be thrown in the bin.

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