iGive Sanitise

iGive Sanitise

The team at RBC have been working on a new in-house manufactured kiosk – iGive Sanitise – to support business and members of the public in efforts to protect against the spread of Covid-19. More in-depth information is available in the brochure below.

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In partnership with ethical cosmetics brand Beauty Kitchen and designed and engineered with the utmost consideration for public health. RBC Group’s iGive Sanitise is a pioneering machine which offers a state-of-the-art donation platform. With a seamlessly integrated medical-grade hand sanitiser dispenser.


The aim of the kiosk is to be accessible to all. Providing a hand sanitising touch free dispenser and a donation platform. The media screen can also display a raft of helpful information which can be bespoke to any relevant news, updates, or donations for charitable causes.


The iGive Donation and Hand Sanitisation Kiosk is an award-winning product with unparalleled utility — our machine offers a state-of-the-art, customisable donation platform with a seamlessly integrated touch-free, medical-grade hand sanitiser dispenser. Underpinned by proprietary, cloudbased software and featuring a vibrant, 10-inch LCD touchscreen, consumers can access contextual information pertaining to any charity — including high-definition video and photographs — and donate directly through the kiosk, and the LCD touchscreen is also ideal as a conduit for the display of customer communications and any consumer campaign.

Supporting BSA members and the wider community

In the hope that our coffee shops and retail outlets will be able to re-open in the coming weeks or months, this would be a great solution to support businesses and their staff/customers to feel safe by having a platform for sanitation in their facilities.

RBC would like to offer our support to the Beverage Standards Association with this product and hope that we can work with you and your members.

Contact RBC Group

For pricing enquiries, please contact sales@rbcgroup.co.uk or call  0300 094 6664