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Monday, 22nd March 2021

Hospitality One Year On

My Weekly Briefing Report is a year old!

With Hospitality One Year On I hope you’ll allow me to indulge myself in this week’s 1st Anniversary edition with a slightly different format.

I want to give a preview of the contents of next year’s 2nd Anniversary edition. That means I will be taking a view of the future and reporting it as the past. I want to set out a framework – definitely not a full forecast – for the contents of the next anniversary edition of my Weekly Briefing Report.

Extracts from the first edition – 22 March 2020 – A recap of the past

On 11 March 2020, the World Health Organisation declared the covid emergency to be a pandemic; five days later, the UK government instituted the first stage of what, in the following week, was to become a full scale lockdown. That encouraged me, on a whim, to set out my views in what I grandly called my Weekly Briefing Report (to sit alongside my long-established Quarterly Briefing Report).

2nd Anniversary edition – March 2022 – A look into the future

And now here is my preview of the contents of the 2nd Anniversary edition of my Weekly Briefing Report – to be dated March 2022. I have set my focus on three changes and issues which, right now – in March 2021 – seem to be accepted by most people, if not by everyone, as likely and maybe inevitable.

In taking this look into the future, I acknowledge what Confucius – the Chinese philosopher who lived in the 5th century BCE who’s sayings are still quoted today – might have said, but didn’t, that he who lives by the crystal ball soon learns to eat ground glass!

Read the full and frank 1st Anniversary edition here.

The Monthly Hospitality Briefing for February 2021 is now available.

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