Help Hub for Food Service Businesses

As we remain in lockdown, we hope that you and everyone around you is safe and well!

As you are aware, the public have been advised to stay indoors. The UK Prime Minister having taken the decision to shut down all restaurants, bars, pubs and cafes; therefore, we understand how tough times are for everyone right now and we want you to know that you are not alone.

Workshops, masterclasses, ideas, helpful links, blogs
Every piece of useful information that we can get our hands is courtesy of some of the industry’s leading brands and the Help Hub is here for you and your business.

Successfully join the mass migration into the wonderful world food delivery
Build your brand and ensure the protection of your assets… here’s a taste of how we can help!

We have a range of blogs which include:

1 – Free payment acceptance for traders repurposing their business model for delivery.
2 – How to keep your business going during the COVID-19 crisis.
3 – New legal requirements for food businesses.
4 – Takeaway packaging for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
5 – Checklist for launching a successful delivery business.
6 – Do’s and don’ts for delivery & takeaway.
7 – Marketing in times of COVID-19.
8 – Third-party or in-house food delivery: pros and cons.
9 – The biggest delivery pain points and hit to solve them.
10 – #BounceBack Resume your FNB operations with TOT Online Ordering Solution.
11 – TAKEOUT UK we’re now offering FREE membership and 0% commission…

There are also a range of Business Advice videos too.

Regular Updates
With the help of our exhibitors, partners and industry contacts, we will be updating the help hub every week, to ensure that you’re receiving the most up to date and beneficial advice possible.

Continued Support
We have supported the growth of the food service industry for almost a decade, and will do everything in our power to see you and your business stay afloat.

We’re all in this together, and together we’ll make it through.

Have a look at the above and please get in contact if you think you might be able to help them too.
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