Farrer’s New Season Coffees

Farrer's New Season Coffees

New season coffees for 2021

John Farrer & Co of Kendal have been going about their business for over 200 years and every year without fail they spend time carefully selecting coffees for the season ahead and the Farrer’s New Season Coffees for 2021 are in.

This year is no exception, despite all that has been thrown at us in the last few months. Farrer’s dedicated team of staff have selected their coffees for 2021 and the first batch of 22 metric tonnes arrived earlier this week.

The delivery contains examples of a range of classic flavours, some more unusual selections, and coffees that have key attributes of specific blends that Farrer’s are renowned for. Each one has been carefully selected through a series of rigorous “cuppings” (tastings), by the team at Farrer’s, who between them have over 60 years or coffee expertise.

Farrer's New Season Coffees
Che Oxenham, Roaster Farrer’s Kendal (Credit Steve Barber Photography)

There are well over 100 species of coffee, but only two that are commonly grown – Arabica and Robusta. In general terms, Arabica delivers brighter citrus flavours with a lighter body, while Robusta has a more earthy and stringent flavour, with a deep rich body. These two main beans have numerous different sub-varieties, cousins if you will, all of which have varying degrees of complexity within their flavour profiles, which makes the job of choosing coffees to roast both interesting and challenging.

As a company Farrer’s works with farms around the globe to source the coffees beans, we roast in creating our coffees, working with small holdings, right up to large scale community run co-operatives, all the while ensuring that we source the best quality ingredients whilst paying the growers a fair price.

The coffees the company has just received have been specially selected from Colombia, Brazil, Vietnam, Honduras, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Costa Rica and El Salvador. As you might imagine, each of these countries has its own environmental and climatic characteristics, but of course each region within those countries does too, all combining to play a significant part in the flavour profile of the coffees the roasters at Farrer’s create.

This new batch of coffees will provide Farrer’s customers with a great selection of styles and flavours to try, whilst the experience of the roasters in selecting the correct level from dark to light, will ensure that every one of the coffees they craft contains vibrancy and depth in each cup.

Dave Walsh, Farrer’s General Manager, commented: ‘’We’ve gone about the business of creating great coffees for over two centuries, this year is no exception. Our large network of producers helps to ensure that we have regular access to some of the most interesting and best coffees produced anywhere, including small single origin batches”.

Walsh continued “Once we get the beans here to Kendal, it is the job of our craft roasters to make sure we do our job and provide our customers with some truly stunning coffees. This level of expertise helped us in winning 3 Great Taste Awards in 2020 as we continue to grow and develop what we do as a company.’’