PopUp Show 2019 Exhibitors

Below is the impressive exhibitor list for the 2019 event that will be held on Thursday, 20th June at Bury Lodge, Stanstead from 10.30am to 4pm.

European Watercare UK, Harlow
We are proud of who we are, what we do & why we do it. Our aim is simple; to supply the best value, eco-friendly, water treatment solutions and managed service programmes available on the market today.
Made in Britain, our Calcium Treatment Units & iX Water Filters offer unbeatable pence per litre capacities and headline our extensive range of water softeners, reverse osmosis units, cartridge filters, service programmes, connections and fittings.
Contact: Andy Slark or Dan Twiss
Email: info@watercare.co.uk
Web: www.watercare.co.uk

Fracino, Birmingham
The Companies history and
powerful success story of multi award-winning Fracino, a third generation family business and the UK’s only manufacturer of cappuccino and espresso coffee machines – spans over five decades.
We manufacture our extensive range of espresso coffee machine models in our state-of-the-art Production Facility in Birmingham, Great Britain – at the very heart of the UK’s leading manufacturing expertise.
Contact: Peter Atmore
Email: sales@fracino.com

3M Water Filtration Solutions, Bracknell
Water is a key ingredient for many beverages offered by pubs and high street restaurants, making up a majority of carbonated soft drinks, coffee and ice, whilst also being used in the preparation of steamed foods. The equipment located in such establishments often require significant investment, and are a vital component of foodservice operations. As a result, pubs and high-street restaurants are placing increased focus on water filtration solutions in order to achieve great quality water and protect valuable equipment.
Contact: Marcus Whiteley

Email: mwhiteley@mmm.com
Web: www.water-filtration-solutions

BWT UK, Harlow
The inherent properties of the water that flows out of the tap rarely make it suitable for use in commercial processes in trade and industry, the food & drink industry, the pharmaceutical industry, hospitals and for public drinking water supply.
For over 40 years, BWT has been designing and implementing advanced, standardised products and specific, tailor-made solutions for these applications, taking account of all the relevant ecological and economic factors.
Contact: William Hinton
Email: enquiries@bwt-uk.co.uk
Web: www.bwt-uk.co.uk

UK Tea Academy, London
The UK Tea Academy is the only body in the UK to offer a professional tea certification programme.
A UK Tea Academy certificate will prove the student has the high level of knowledge and skill now demanded from
the food service sector. There are courses at three levels:
Foundation – Tea Champion, Intermediate – Tea Sommelier and Advanced – Tea Master.
Contact: Gennaro Aniello & Kate Popham
Email: info@ukteaacademy.com
Web: www.ukteaacademy.co.uk

Tregothnan Tea Plantation, Truro
Tregothnan began supplying Britain’s first home-grown tea in 2005, creating the ultimate Britishness in every cup. The world’s first true British tea has been heralded as the ‘new Darjeeling.’ Hidden behind the iconic kitchen garden door – the oldest remaining part of the estate dating back to Plantagenet times – you can find our Camellia Sinensis plantations from which we hand-pluck the leaves at dawn.
Contact: Hugh Pickersgill
Email: hpickersgill@tregothnan.co.uk
Web: www.tregothnan.co.uk

Coffeetek, Portishead
Coffetek has achieved an enviable reputation for the design and manufacture of beverage dispense systems with over 30 years of experience in product development and innovation. Its hot, cold and snack machines are known for their simplicity, reliability and technology.
Coffetek is now able to offer one of the most comprehensive refreshment solutions in the world with distribution throughout Europe, America and Australasia. With its combined expertise and resources, it pursues constant improvement in its services to its customers.
Contact: Iain Milroy
Email: IainMilroy@coffetek.co.uk
Web: www.coffetek.co.uk

BRITA®, Banbury
Water for coffee shops – professional filter solutions.

Elements in water can influence your coffee’s taste, consistency and appearance. Likewise for baked goods. Ensure your customers’ satisfaction with a BRITA water filter. For great results, happy customers – and less limescale.
Contact: Gary Norwood & Sam Scoles
Email: gnorwood@brita.co.uk
Web: www.brita.co.uk

Hit Marketing & Design Ltd., Saffron Waldren
Hit Marketing & Design specialise in (but are not restricted to) marketing and design services for the food and beverage industry.
As a small multi-disciplinary Graphic Design & Marketing studio they take pride in developing personal, business beneficial relationships with a group of select clients within the Food & Drink sector and beyond.
Contact: Derek & Steve Pritchard
Email: info@hitmarketingdesign.com
Web: www.hitmarketingdesign.co.uk

H20 Direct
H2O Direct Ltd are experts in water filtration products for the Coffee, Vending and Point of Use (POU) markets. We specialise in water filters and fittings for use on Coffee and Vending machines, Hot Water Boilers and Point of Use (POU) Water coolers and operate in the U.K. and Europe.
Contact: Jim Redford
Email: jim.redford@h2odirect.co.uk
Web: www.h2odirect.co.uk

InSinkErator food waste disposers are a ‘must have’ appliance that hygienically and safely disposes of food waste at the touch of a button. From fruit and vegetable peelings through to meat bones, InSinkErator food waste disposers can grind almost any food waste.

  • Dispose of most food waste at the touch of a button
  • Quiet and safe
  • Hygienic and clean

Contact: Anne Kaarlela
Web: www.insinkerator.emerson.com

CHASH – The Fine Tea Co.
CHASH is fully committed to bring you only fine tea. We travelled the world to source the very best (try the rest!). To suit all consumer tastes, our day is dedicated to the provision of both traditional teas and rare teas not otherwise found in the UK.
Cultivation of fine tea, like fine wine, requires unique characters of location, climate, soil, topography and elevation – the terroir. Combine this with the careful skill of the tea master and you have a cup to truly savour.
Contact: Dan
Email: info@chashtea.co.uk
Web: www.chashtea.co.uk

SanRemo Coffee Machines UK, Buckfastleigh
UK distributor of innovative italian Sanremo espresso machines designed for commercial and professional use. Browse our extensive range of coffee machines  and read the story of our success which will help you become successful too.
Contact: Andrew Tucker
Web: www.sanremouk.com

Brew-It Group, Sheffield
We area group of companies dedicated to speciality coffee equipment solutions.
We work with UK coffee distributors and directly with chains and groups in the hospitality sector. Our mission is simple;

  • increase drink quality for your customers
  • improve barista workflow saving time
  • reduce the whole life cost for your business
  • lower energy costs and support green technology for the planet
  • help you make wise mid to long term equipment investments for your business

Contact: Angus McKenzie
Web: www.brew-it-group.co.uk

United Coffee Distributors, Pluckley
UCD specialises in sourcing and distributing a comprehensive range of beverage associated products across the UK. The company was founded by Richard Tombs in 1992 and is a 2nd generation independent family run business nestled in the heart of the Kent countryside.
We are the UK Distributor of 1883 Routin syrups and sauces as well as Lion Biscuits. We are also the producer and distributor of our own Kool Kup brand. The range includes a unique mix created to thicken drinks such as frappes, milkshakes and a selection of Kool Kup toppings ideal for both hot and cold drinks.
Contact: Martin Collins
Web: www.ucd.uk.com

LF Spare Parts, Gloucester
LF spare parts is a multinational company based in Cesena, Italy and was founded in 1982. Throughout Europe, LF is a leading company in the distribution of spare parts and accessories for professional kitchens, washing equipment, commercial refrigeration, coffee machines, vending and bar equipment.
The advantages for LF customers are evident. Not only can established customers from the professional sector widen their business but repairshops / repairmen and dealers/importers can also extend their activity to the professional sector with very little effort and a small investment.
Mark Brooks
Web: www.lfspareparts724.co.uk

Offering solutions from our newest Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Dispenser, uniquely created and capable of being branded to suit your requirements, to our sleek, modern in design counter top and under counter Tap Systems and our fully mobile stand alone Tower Tap Systems created for greater capacity and flexibility for the likes of festivals, fairs, events, the workplace, hospitality and the Horeca market.
We provide full technical back up, support, training and documentation that you would expect from any machine manufacturer in today’s market. Full spares support and product detail available.
Contact: Keith Smith
Web: www.bevtek.co.uk

Morgans Brew Company
Morgan’s Brew Tea Company is a family business based in Welshpool, mid-Wales. From our 19th century stone townhouse we operate an online shop, delivering our distinctive range of teas to customers across the world. Our family shares the tasks of selecting the recipes, delicately packing, and quickly dispatching our teas to areas across the globe.
Contact: Geoff & Anne Meredith
Web: www.morgansbrewtea.co.uk

Jeeves & Jericho, Oxford
With it’s base near the city of Oxford, Jeeves & Jericho – The Artisan Teasmiths is a tea brand that harnesses the traditions and quality of its surroundings with a fresh, fun and contemporary approach to tea-making.
At the very heart of our business is our ethical policy. We’re underpinned by the strong belief that we want to give something back to the tea-growers. Through sourcing tea only through members of The Ethical Tea Partnership, we guarantee you, the tea-drinker, that the tea-estate workers who grow the teas we source have all been given a fair deal.
Contact: Dominic
Web: www.jeevesandjericho.com

At Aqua Cure we pride ourselves on our commitment to provide complete client satisfaction, and our determination to supply the most comprehensive range of water treatment systems and components available.

From the point of supply (whether mains or private) right through to equipment connection, including filtration, pressure control, tubing & trunking, leak protection and essential cleaning and sanitising, we offer an easy to use one-stop-shop approach backed by expert technical support and many decades of experience in the water treatment industry.
Contact: Stuart Godfrey
Web: www.aquacure.co.uk