Crystal Clear Ice

Crystal clear water from BWTUK

It sometimes gets forgotten that if a catering kitchen application requires water it will benefit from using the right kind of water. Whether the water is an actual ingredient in the finished product or used in the process, the right water is paramount for both taste and protection.

Using just any water can result in the taste of food and beverages being tainted or valuable equipment failing prematurely or operating below par.

Most people know about limescale and the issues it can cause when it forms in equipment and appliances that rely on use of hot water or steam. What isn’t so well known is that hard water and the source of limescale can be just as much as a problem in ice making machines. A build-up of scale can lead in higher running costs whilst unwanted elements within the water can affect the appearance and taste of the ice.

Choosing the right water not only helps keep your ice crystal clear, but also aids your ice machine. With the right water, your ice machine will avoid the nasty deposits that can gather on the freezing vanes or elements; and fewer deposits helps contribute to lower running costs, saving you money too.

Where to Begin?

Always test your water before you begin, knowing the composition and PH value of your water is always a good starting point.

Your local water, the manufacturers recommendations, and the quality of the ice you wish to serve will all affect the water treatment solution you ultimately choose. A good quality filter will remove most of the unwanted elements that may affect the taste and odour of your water but won’t protect your icemaker machine from scale.

A more advanced option combining ion-exchange treatment and carbon filtration is a good starting point. Water softening can help and will offer excellent protection from limescale but can still leave you with partially cloudy ice.

Reverse Osmosis will take out practically all of the dissolved solids leaving you with ‘pure’ water and translucent ice. Combine your choice of RO with a pre-filter, water softener, and post RO demineralisation cartridge for the ultimate protection, quality and customer satisfaction.

Or select one of the many specialist single and multi-cartridge systems available from manufactures like BWT. If you’re unsure, please ask your water treatment specialist, their advice is often free.

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