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Monday, 11th April 2022 Weekly Report

I’ve mentioned this before, but a couple of things arose last week which have heightened the issue for me. I’m talking about eating out as a fun experience versus eating out because you need to.

Calorie Count

What brought these thoughts about last week, was that I was interviewed several times on the radio on the new calorie labelling regulations. The interviewers covered quite a lot of ground but invariably asked me questions about what customers will be thinking when they see the calorie count alongside each menu item. “Will it spoil the experience?” they asked.

Personal or Impersonal?

Also last week, I participated in an informative and very wide ranging TrendTalk webinar organised by Rational, the foodservice equipment manufacturer. Amongst the topics we discussed was the ways in which delivery removes the personal and replaces the customer experience with the impersonal. These two thoughts are tied together by what customers feel when they eat out. Taking this further: Do they feel better because they have had the chance to enjoy themselves? Do they feel better because they have eaten and been satisfied? Or do they feel just as they did before? In other words, has the eating out experience changed their state of mind for the better?

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