BSA Bulletin

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Working with Scoop Malone (aka Ian Boughton) the Association will have a monthly bulletin on what is happening in the Association and around the hot and cold beverages industry too.

The first edition is now launched………..and includes ‘The public doesn’t like our tea!, Online reviews – be ready to fight back, says the BSA and Are we serving coffee at the right temperature.

Who would ever have thought it… Scoop Malone, the most interesting writer in the coffee trade in recent years, has returned!  He is retired, but is assisting the Beverage Standards Association with their interesting new project, the BSA Bulletin – this is a little online magazine full of beverage trade news and Association comment, and Scoop’s typical sideways humour. If you have something to say about the Beverage industry and you are (or even if you are not) a BSA member contact Scoop Malone.