BSA Bulletin – February 2020

Our February 2020 News Bulletin is now available on the BSA web site and an update will be sent to BSA Members’ by Mail Chimp too.

‘Why does Fairtrade Fortnight never support the sharp end of the trade? Steve Slark, BSA Chairman asks us to consider why the catering trade does so little to mark it (page 7). Or does it do better than we believe and promotion during Fairtrade Fortnight has a higher awareness in the trade than we believe?

As well, ‘The Customer is wrong…again’ (page 1). This escalated into a war of words online: the coffee shop remarked “we had a think, turns out we still know better,” and among thirty or forty other comments on their Facebook page, one of their customers said: “it’s your shop and you run it how you want and make coffee how you want. If people don’t like it and want it their way, then they can go somewhere else.”

Farrer’s beer tea is a hit and Barry Callebaut proudly tell us that ‘Demand for high-quality chocolate drinks is on the rise’. Both Companies are very successful BSA Members’ and it shows that innovation even in these challenging times can reap benefits.

As the BSA Bulletin widens its appeal to the trade and beyond we are always delighted to receive news from both members and non-members too. And in the next edition we will be bringing in some interviews from BSA member companies. Kindly form a line now…

Thank you for your support of the Association and I wish you a continued successful 2020.

Steve Slark
BSA Chairman