‘Best’ Marketing, Creative & Design

‘Best’ Marketing, Creative & Design

‘ Best’ Marketing, Creative & Design

Branding, Marketing, Packaging & Communications

How you market your business is one area that can be overlooked. However, for a number of businesses it plays a very important part on sustaining turnover and bringing back customers week after week.

Therefore, ‘Best’ Marketing, Creative & design is an area to concentrate to ensure your business survives.

The panel will be wanting to know about your branding, marketing and content. How and where do you market your business. Can you show how this has benefitted your business too?

Entering the BSA Awards is completed on-line (follow the links) and no representitive from the BSA will visit your premises.

Enter at https://bit.ly/34mhSwD.

How Much Does It Cost?

Per Award – BSA Retail Member is £40.00 + VAT

Per Award – Non BSA Retail Member is £50.00 + VAT

If you enter three Awards there is a 20% discount (the 3 entries must be completed at the same time to qualify).

The types of businesses that can enter include cafés, tea rooms, bistros, restaurants, takeaways and street food. However, this list is not exhaustive.

Raise your Business Profile. The BSA Hospitality Awards 2021 are focussed on businesses selling hot beverages and the businesses that support them.

‘Best’ Marketing, Creative & Design

The BSA Awards Presentation will be at Caffe Culture, London on Thursday, 2nd September 2021 at 4.30 pm

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