BSA International Barista Training Course


An approved training programme that

rewards you with a Nationally recognised qualification

The Professional Barista

The literal translation of "barista" is "bartender", but as the Italians are regarded as experts on coffee and coffee based drinks the term is now used to describe an expert in the field of producing high quality beverages.

What is a VRQ?
For the first time Barista skills can be developed and rewarded by an internationally recognised qualification – the Beverage Standards Association Barista Level 2 VRQ (Vocational Related Qualification) 9453-07. A VRQ is similar to a GCSE (in the UK) but is directly workplace related. The qualification involves both classroom-based learning as well as the craft skills required for a Professional Barista. A ‘Level 2’ qualification indicates an introductory level knowledge and more advanced skills may be covered in the future by a ‘Level 3’ qualification.

Who can take the qualification
Anyone can take this qualification as there are no minimum standards required. It is an advantage if you have experience of making espresso based drinks. If you have no experience, please let your trainer know and they will ensure where possible that you have the extra time on the equipment to reach the required standard.

What does the qualification cover?
The qualification centres on coffee and in particular espresso; however it also incorporates filter coffee; tea; chocolate; juices and smoothies. Four areas of learning are explored: -

  • The background to the raw materials
  • How to produce the range of drinks
  • How to operate, care for and maintain the machinery
  • Customer Service

The information is passed on through a minimum of 20 hours classroom time as well as practice in the workplace, before practical and written assessments take place. The training course lasts for three days.

The Beverage Standards Association developed this course as part of their objective to improve Standards in the Industry and to get formal recognition for those who wish to improve their skills and in turn give their customers a better experience. The BSA currently has on of our International members' businesses equipped and approved to provide the training and assessment for this qualification. There is one BSA approved Internation Training Centre Satellites for the VRQ level 2 and to find its location please click here.

How much does it cost?

The cost for the three days including tuition, use of equipment, product cost, assessment and certification is approximately 850 Euros.

Where can I take this International qualification?

Please click here to see a list of the Beverage Standards Association approved Internation Training Centre locations where you can take the course. If you are interested in finding out more information or wish to book, then please contact your nearest Training Centre.

See more on the course by clicking here

Updated: Thursday, 5th January 2016