Beverage Glossary

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Absence of Defects (USDA): Fruit Juice

Minimum score 18 – maximum 20. The juice should be free of all foreign matter and practically free of seed specks. This is a visual judgement call.

Acid: Fruit Juice

“Acid” means the percent by weight of total acidity, calculated as anhydrous citric acid, in Frozen Concentrated Orange Juice.

Acidity: Espresso

A pleasant snap or crispness. Acidity is a desirable characteristic and has nothing to do with the level of acid – the pH – of the coffee.

Addback: Fruit Juice

High Brix concentrate normally 65º Brix, which is added back to current production usually to raise or lower ratio or improve colour.

Ambient Juice: Fruit Juice

The juice is separated from the rest of the fruit and concentrated to the required specification by evaporating the water. The concentrate is then pasteurised once and cold packed in an aseptic carton.

Ambient Storage: Ancillary Products

No refrigeration needed, store in storeroom.

Arbitrage: Coffee Market

Trading between markets in order to take advantage of price differentials.

Aroma: Tea - Infused leaf

Attractive smell denoting quality and flavour