BSA Barista Training – 1 day Course

BSA Approved Course in Barista Skills


This Qualification has been developed to introduce those
new or relatively new to the position of a Barista

The Professional Barista

The literal translation of "barista" is "bartender", but as the Italians are regarded as experts on coffee and coffee based drinks the term is now used to describe an expert in the field of producing high quality beverages.

What is a Level 1 Course
This 1 day course provides an introduction to those who are new or relatively new to the position of a Barista. The course will improve your skills and knowledge and provide a foundation from which candidates go on to higher skill and knowledge levels.

The qualification involves both classroom-based learning as well as the craft skills required for a Professional Barista. A ‘Level 1’ qualification indicates a rudimentary level of knowledge and more advanced skills may be covered in the future by a ‘Level 2’ qualification.

Who can take the qualification?
Anyone can take this qualification – there are no minimum standards required as the Course will introduce the candidate to the basics of hot beverage equipment and the production of a range of beverages found in coffee shops.

What does the qualification cover?
The qualification centres on coffee and in particular espresso; however it also incorporates filter coffee; tea; chocolate; juices and smoothies. Four areas of learning are explored: -

  • Understandingthe role, duties and responsibilities of a professional Barista
  • Have an appreciation of the process of coffee from the bean to the final cup
  • Extract the perfect espresso
  • Understand the importance of steaming and foaming
  • Prepare five different gourmet coffees
  • Discuss more knowledgeably with customers, coffee, tea and chocolate

The information is passed on through a minimum of 7.5 hours (1 day) of classroom time which includes practical assessments during the day and a written examination.

Further in depth details on the Course and what you can expect on the day can be found at "Course Details" and  "Teaching BSA Barista Training".

Added: Monday, 5th December 2016