Visit the BSA "Accreditation Criteria" page to find out how the Beverage Standards Accreditation processes are designed to communicate a valuable and fair assessment of any establishment serving hot beverages. They benefit the entrant’s owners, their customers, staff and the paying public.

You can see the Assessors Form and the Assessment criteria by clicking here.

How the Accreditation system works
This is made up of the BSA's unique 5 Cup grading™ and Recommended Certification and works as follows.

Recommended Certification
These outlets will have scored over 36% and will demonstrate they offer a wide range of hot beverages, high quality customer service and a sound knowledge of their business.

The 4 and 5 Cup Certification
These outlets will have scored over 86% to be conferred a 4 Cup Certificate. The outstanding establishments who score between 95% to 100% will be bestowed the coveted 5 Cup Accreditation.

Every assessor is trained to a high standard and works with a standardised questionnaire created by the Beverage Standards Association under the standards applied to the VRQ City & Guilds Course and Best Practice from the Spediality Coffee Association of Europe.

Drinks Evaluation
Three separate drinks are assessed for each entry and marked for taste, temperature and presentation. The scores in each drink category will be evaluated and those with the highest scores will be put forward for selection for a final assessment process. The drinks evaluation process accounts for 75% of the total BSA cup accreditation.

Customer Service and Environmental Factors
The remaining 25% of points are assessed against 22 service and environment related questions. These include, staff reception of customers, comfort, beverage choice and menus, drinks value and staff knowledge of these, equipment hygiene, general cleanliness, child and disabled friendly, toilets, outside seating, environmental sustainability programmes in place.

Based on the points awarded, each entry will be awarded a percentage score, on which their cup banding will be decided.

Developing and Promoting Success
The Association wants to encorouge beverage businesses to grow their success and to do this we will be according accolades to these outlets at the Cafe-Biz Expo to be held at Old Trafford on Thursday, 10th November 2016.

BSA "Raising Standards" Accolade
This is what the Accreditation system is all about and the winner will have invested time and effort is raising their own standards. They will have bought into the BSA accreditation process and will have delivered exceptional improvements in all areas.

BSA "Newcomer" Accolade
This will awarded to venues which have performed well in their first year of taking part in the BSA assessment programme, combining excellent service with high standards. The entrants may have been open for ten years or just opened but they must be completely new to our accreditation process.

BSA "Overall Experience" Accolade
The winner will have shown exemplary standards in all areas of the Accreditation programme and are a true ambassador for the BSA gold standard drinks awards and the Five Cup Accreditation programme.

"Raising the Bar" Assessment Process
The Association will also be supporting the Accreditation process this year by introducing the beyond the Accolade assessment programme that allows venues who want to improve their standards further.

A Beverage Standards Association approved regional assessor will be assigned the task to create a "Raising the Bar" development programme. This course will be available in a half or full day module.

You can see the Assessors Form and the Assessment criteria by clicking here.

The Association has also produced a "Frequently Asked Questions" document on what simple steps do I need to take to improve my Accreditation. Please click here to download the document.

Rhode Island Coffee
This independent coffee shop chain operates seven stores in the North-West of England and pride themselves on producing great drinks and customer service.
Since the BSA Accreditation process started many years ago RIC have been using the Association's process to measure the quality, professionalism and service across all their outlets. During that period, the Company has used the individual store feedback to improve the service in-store and ensure the development of new stores provide the complete experience.
Though coffee is a very important part of the overall offering, RIC rely on the Association's impartial assessment on a range of hot beverages, which includes hot chocolate and tea.

RIC stores can be found in Altrincham,
Blackburn, Bolton, Burnley, Oldham, Stockport and Warrington. A new store will be opening in Crewe in the next few months.

For further information:
(W) www.rhodeislandcoffee.co.uk
(T) 01204 702308   (e) info@rhodeislandcoffee.co.uk

Updated: Thursday, 5th May 2016