Visit the Associations "Know More & Be The Best" page to find out how the Beverage Standards Accreditation processes are designed to communicate a valuable and fair assessment of any establishment serving hot beverages. They benefit the entrant’s owners, their customers, staff and the paying public.

You can see the Assessors Form and the Assessment criteria by clicking here.

How the Accreditation and National Best Drink Awards are assessed?
On the Nomination Form, at Step 3, Owners, Directors or the Senior Manager authorised, selects three drinks to be assessed.

Drink 1 will always be, Single Espresso.

Drink 2 will be one of, Cappuccino or Latte or Flat White or Filter Coffee/Cafetiere Coffee or V6; Aeropress or Chemex.

Drink 3 can be either, Hot Chocolate or Tea.

The total number of drinks chosen will be three.

The main body of points are awarded for drinks Taste, Temperature, and Visuals; other areas that are also evaluated in this section is the appropriate apparel, speciality and creativity

Each Best Drink Accreditation is based on the drinks points only, on the assessment form. The Services and Environmental Factors of the assessors form for the Accreditation Awards are not taken into account.

All entrants will have consistently delivered excellence in all stages of the Accreditation process. The process of choosing the outlets whose drinks and service have gone above and beyond what the assessors have found will be decided in late September / early October 2016.

Cup Grading (5 and 4 Cup and Recommended)
Is a combination of the above evaluation of all drinks chosen (75% of points) with the additional assessment criteria of customer service and environment?

Customer Service and Environmental Factors
The remaining 25% of points are assessed against 22 service and environment related questions. These include, staff reception of customers, comfort, beverage choice and menus, drinks value and staff knowledge of these, equipment hygiene, general cleanliness, child and disabled friendly, toilets, outside seating, environmental sustainability programmes in place.

As the Associations focuses is on "Raising Standards" through Accreditation, Training and Resource we will be developing the following "Accolades" and an on-going development programme.

BSA "Raising Standards" Accolade
This is what the Accreditation system is all about and the winner(s) will have invested time and effort is raising their own standards. They will have bought into the BSA Accreditation process and will have delivered exceptional improvements in all areas.

BSA "Newcomer" Accolade
This will awarded to venues which have performed well in their first year of taking part in the BSA assessment programme, combining excellent service with high standards. The entrants may have been open for ten years or just opened but they must be completely new to our accreditation process.

BSA "Overall Experience" Accolade
The winner will have shown exemplary standards in all areas of the accreditation programme and are a true ambassador for the BSA gold standard drinks awards and the Five Cup Accreditation programme.

Benefits earned by Entries
1) Every Accredited Entry whether or not they are assessed for a Cup Standard will receive an official written feedback from the Beverage Standards Association. This document will summarise the assessors findings in a consultant report covering:-
• The Drinks assessed.
• Customer Services and Environmental Factors assessed.
• Recommendations where Improvements might be made.
• The report will go to the Entry Contact, signing the nomination form, and to the Nominator, if different.

2) Every Accredited Cup Standard entry will receive:-
• A Certificate confirming the Cup Standard achieved.
• Decal sticker (Recommended to 5 cup) in the shape of a cup promoting the Cup Grading assessed. This should be adhered to a door or window of the entry establishment to inform the public of their achievement. Entrants may display this decal for a period of 12 months from October 2016.

Awards Publicity
1) The awards are promoted by the BSA from May 2016
• Through their own website and social media activity.
• Through BSA members.
• Through PR arranged by the BSA.
• Through national and local press and magazines.
• Through Sponsors working with the Beverage Standards Awards.

2) At the Cafe Biz Expo on Thursday, 10th November 2016 (further details to be announced), all accreditated sites will be invited to this event to receive their Accolade. This event will generate publicity for the recipients in the media.

The results will be announced on the BSA website with a complete Recommended to 5 Cup Accreditation listing. This information will also be released to the national and local press.

Who Can Enter?
Speciality coffee shops, Cafes, Tea shops, Restaurants, Cafes within hotels or bars, Mobiles, Beverage Carts, Industrial/Works beverage sites, Service Areas.
• Entries may be individually owned or part of a national group.
• Nomination of entries may be by owners, their suppliers, companies, customers, or consultants by completing a nomination form.
• One entry fee covers both the National Cup Accreditation and Accolade process.
• Entrants and Nominees can be either None or BSA Members.

What are the entry fees?
• BSA members will pay £55.38 (46.15 + VAT) per entry.
• Non-BSA Member will pay £92.28 (£76.90) per entry.

I wish to enter? What do I do next?

Payment is required at the end of the process and this is transacted through WorldPay.

Confirmation of the entry will only be issued when funds have been received through the on-line process. This is a non-refundable entry fee.

Closing Date for Entries to be recieved
Please ensure your entry or entries are received by: Midday on Friday, 17th June 2016.

What should I do if I cannot complete the on-line nomination or require more information?
Please contact Martyn Herriott at either 01635 877173 or accreditation@beveragestandardsassociation.co.uk.

Bean Loved, Otley Street, Skipton is run by father and son Richard & Wes Bond and in 2014 they scooped a Four Cup Accreditation from the Beverage Standards Association.

By reaching the Four Cup Accreditation they have reached an exceptional level in the quality and presentation of drinks, customer service, ambience, cleanliness, training and sustainability procedures.

Wes Bond said at the time "We feek very proud to have retained our Four Cup Accreditation in 2014 and appreciate all feedback from the BSA". Wes continued "When we set out in business together we aimed to attract people who live and work in the area. I believe we have achieved that, but it's great to see new people discovering us after seven years".

17, Otley Street, Skipton, North Yorkshire BD23 1DY (T) 01756 791534

Updated: Thursday, 5th May 2016