Beverage Standards Awards 2013 - The nuts and bolts


 The BSA 2013 Awards are
Rewarding Beverage Excellence

Click here to see the 2013 5 to 3 Cup Accreditated sites

Nominations for the 2013 Accreditation and "Best Drinks" Awards is now closed; however the 2014 Accreditation and Best Drink Awards open on the 21st April 2014

The Beverage Standards Awards are designed to communicate a valuable and fair assessment of any establishment serving hot beverages. They benefit the entrant's owners and staff, the paying public and their customers.

The Aims of the Awards, covering England, Wales and Scotland, subject to geographical conditions, are:-
1. Continue to build the nationally recognised standards for businesses trading in the Out of Home’ market.
2.  Identify and recognise excellence of drinks quality in the ‘Out of Home’ Market.
3.  Encourage best service standards.
4.  Support good staff development and training.

There are two principal Award Categories:-
This is made up of the BSA's unique 1-5 cup grading™ scheme.
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Best Drinks Awards

2.1 Best small Espresso


2.2 Best Cappuccino



2.3 Best Latte


2.4 Best Flat White Coffee


2.5 Best Filter or Cafetiere Coffee


2.6 Best Tea


Visit the Taylors of Harrogate web site

2.7 Best Hot Chocolate

Kokoa Collection web site 

Assessments BSA judging reports to each venue. These will be confidential to the establishment and will give impartial; constructive advice on the visiting judge’s assessment. Reports will assist entries in their pursuit of excellence.

Laminated adhesive window stickers to promote trade identifying:-
The Grading Cup Standard Achieved (3 to 5 cup only)
Best Individual Drinks Award Winners
National publicity in media, press and through the BSA website for participants and winners
Articles on winners including photographs and promoting signature drinks and staff

BSA trained assessors will visit all entries unannounced as mystery shoppers.

Who Can Enter:-

  • Cafes, Tea Shops, Restaurants, Cafes within hotels or bars, Mobiles, Beverage Carts, Industrial/Works Beverage sites and Service Areas
  • Entries may be individually owned or part of a national group
  • Nomination of entries may be by owners, their suppliers, companies, customers or consultants completing a nomination form
  • One entry fee covers both the National Grading Cup Accreditation and all National Best Drinks Awards
  • Entrants and Nominees may be BSA or Non-BSA Members.

Updated: Wednesday, 2nd April 2014