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If you want to learn more about the different aspects of running a business involved in the hot and cold beverages market the BSA believes we have a comprehensive resource base where you should be able to find all the answers.

Training - to know more click here 

Machinery - to know more click here

Water - to know more click here

Coffee - to know more click here

Tea - to know more click here

Chocolate - to know more click here

Smoothies, Frappes & Juice- to know more click here

Masteroast / DR Wakefield Coffee Reports - click here

Jane Pettigrew - Tea Growing Region Reports - click here

Should you have an area of the hot and cold beverages market we are not covering please email Martyn Herriott at and the BSA would be pleased to review your request

As always there is lots more information available on the web and below we have put in a number of links to other websites that will give you lots of information.

The UK Tea Council
A fantastic site which gives you lots of information on all you need to now about tea at

The Fairtrade Foundation
The site will give you lots more information on the work of The Fairtrade Foundation

For the Foundation's 2010 Annual Report click here.
For the Foundation's core benefits and practices click. For a review of Fairtrade over last ten years click here

UK Payments Administration
The UK Payments website is a one-stop shop for information on making a payment in the UK; links to the specific groups in the industry; and membership information for payment industry membership bodies and schemes.
Please click here to go to this website

Please note that the BSA cannot be held responsible for links outside of the BSA website.

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Last updated: Sunday, 7th August 2011