Stokes - moving forward for the future - 24/03/2017

Stokes, Lincoln - coffee roasters and purveyors of fine teas

Work began in August to transform the 19th century asylum into our new coffee roastery, café and headquarters. Having taken this iconic building under our wing, there is a lot to be done before our anticipated move in the Spring. The Joseph Bank’s conservatory has been relocated and we have completed the first phase of the car park, creating an additional 110 spaces of parking to support the uphill area of Lincoln.

Plans for our third café, with a specially designed viewing gallery making the roasting process open to the public, have been approved. Artefacts and trinkets from by-gone days will be on display detailing the family businesses past as well as presentations on the history and production of coffee. We’ll also be letting visitors know something about
the history of mental health in England and the originations of the Lawn building itself.

After we have relocated our head office and roastery, the next stage will be to set up a new, accredited barista training centre where our trainers will not only teach staff from other businesses about coffee but will also offer classes for the general public wanting to learn about tea or coffee or how to become a barista or simply how to make a great cup of coffee at home – these courses make a great gift idea!!!

We cannot wait to bring the Victorian theatre, formerly the asylum dining room, to life by holding regular music, dance and theatrical events. We’ll be hiring it out for private parties too. Following Stokes move, we’ll be getting the remaining areas of the Lawn complex ready for some exciting new business ventures.

Great grandson of the original founder, Nick Peel (above) said “The building will become a place that Lincoln locals will be able to visit and enjoy once again. Whether you drop in for a bite to eat, want to watch the coffee being roasted, come to see a show or take part in a class, we hope you will love the Lawn when we have got things up and running.”

Added: 24th March 2017