Beverage Standards Association launches accreditation process - 18/05/2016

The Beverage Standards Association is launching the BSA 2016 Accreditation Process, with the aim of continuing to raise standards across the hot drinks industry and help all participating establishments to improve in their chosen field of operation.

The Association is inviting all ‘out of home’ cafes, specialised coffee shops, tea shops, cafes within hotels or bars, mobiles, beverage carts and restaurants in England, Scotland and Wales to enter this year’s prestigious Accreditation process, which is open to members and non-members.All aspects of an entrant’s business will be evaluated including environment, facilities, customer service and beverage standards. “Our ethos is to raise standards,” explains BSA chairman Steve Slark. “The process gives the beverage venue a good insight into how well they are performing. Entrants are assessed by experienced professionals and get immediate feedback and constructive advice, with the scores issued in seven days.”

Outlets will be encouraged to raise their standards through three accolades.

The "Raising Standards" Accolade is central to the system with the winner having raised its standards and delivered exceptional improvements in all areas. A “Newcomers” Accolade, will go to venues performing well in their first year taking part in the assessment programme.

Top award is the "Overall Experience" Accolade which will go to the entrant who will have shown exemplary standards in all areas and will be a true ambassador for the BSA Gold Standard of the Five Cup Accreditation programme.

The ‘4 Cup Certification’ will be conferred to those outlets who have scored over 86% and the outstanding establishments scoring 95% to 100% will be bestowed the coveted ‘5 Cup Accreditation’. They will receive a Certificate and BSA window decals to show the general public the standard of the outlet and also help to attract new customers.

A ‘Recommended Certification’ goes to scoring over 36% and demonstrated that they offer a wide range of hot beverages, a high quality customer service and a sound knowledge of their business.

How to enter

Venues may enter the programme online at and nominations also can be received from suppliers, companies, groups, customers or consultants. A per venue fee of £55.38 per venue for BSA members and £92.28 for non-members covers entry to the BSA National Accreditation Programme and the entry to the Accolades process.

Closing date for entries is June 17, 2016 and on November 10 the Association will present the Accolades and hear outlet’ success stories at the Manchester United Football Ground in conjunction with Café Biz Expo.

More information can be found by clicking here or contacting Martyn Herriott on 07500 858763 or emailing

Added: Wednesday, 18th May 2016