2014 Accreditation and Best Drink Winners Announced - 15/02/2016

The BSA 2014 Accreditation and Best Drink Awards

Developing Standards and Rewarding Excellence

On the evening of Monday, 10th November the winners of the 2014 Best Drink & Cup Accreditation Awards were announced at The Midland Hotel in Manchester.
The “Best Drink” & 5 Cup winners came from all over the UK and the results are:

Best Espresso - Sponsored by Kimbo UK

Cotswold Artisan Coffee, Cirencester & Timberyard Seven Dials, London

Best Cappuccino - Sponsored by Jaguar Espresso Systems

Pumphreys Brewing Emporium, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Best Latte - Sponsored by Jaguar Espresso Systems

Rhode Island Coffee, Stockport

Best Flat White - Sponsored by Jaguar Espresso Systems

Taylor St Baristas, Brighton & Kaffeine, London

Best Filter - Sponsored by FosterHughes

Taylor St Baristas, Monument

Best Tea - Sponsored by Ridgways

Bean and Bud, Harrogate

Best Hot Chocolate - Sponsored by Kokoa Collection

Googies Art Café, Folkestone

BSA “Raising Standards” Award

Bean and Bud, Harrogate

BSA “Newcomer” Award

Cotswold Artisan Coffee, Cirencester

BSA “Overall” Award

Habitat Cafe, Aberfeldy

Download the list of "Best Drink" & 5 Cup winners here

BSA 5 Cup and Best Drink Winners

Gordon Howell, chairman of the BSA Awards assessors, who runs The Harlequin and The Attic in York, said: “Whether an entry achieved 1,2,3,4 or 5 Cup Accreditation, all were winners in passing the very stringent standards set and assessed in person by mystery assessors during 2014.

“The top candidates were visited two, sometimes three times over the last six months before satisfying the assessors on the final Awards. The margin between the top 5 Cup Accreditation and 4 Cup was very close. The final 5 Cup sites all had outstanding characteristics.”

Added: Tuesday, 11th November 2014